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a s c e r t i c


Derived from the verb 'ascertain', Ascertic was formed on the basis of this same meaning; that is, to assure and ensure a great level of certainty to our clients and peace of mind, by providing a professional serivce. 


As our mission statement goes: 

We strive at providing a professional and practical financial consultancy experience, tailored to your specific requirements and business needs. With our experience and pro-active approach, we offer comprehensive and end-to-end solutions, in a timely manner.


Ascertic is made up from a team of dynamic and experienced individuals coming from different sectors and disciplines within the financial and corporate industries. This enables us to look beyond, and delivering more than expected, which helps us to build a long-term relationship with our clients and become a trusted advisor.

We take a pro-active and holistic approach. We know where we can add value and we focus our efforts on those areas. We help our clients become successful, by acting on well-guided business decisions.


As Ascertic, we remain focused and committed on providing specific attention and focus to our clients. As such, Ascertic is split into two main brands, distinct yet ensuring same dedication and care towards our purpose.

Our main operations are carried out through Ascertic Corporate Services, specialising on day-to-day assistance, corporate solutions; from company incorporations to company administration, and accounting needs and requirements. Backed with over ten years of experience, our team is trained to provide a comprehensive range of services, and ready to play a strategic and advisory role within our clients' set-up, through deep understanding, clear process and execution.

Ascertic Assurance focuses on annual statutory audits and assurance requirements. Through our detailed review analysis and testing procedures, based on international audit standards, we provide reasonable assurance on financial reporting, accounting policies and internal controls, while ensuring compliance with latest regulations.



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